The Grey Zone Uncensored Show Schedule Sept 19th 2020 to September 18 2021

October 3
Demons of ancient cultures
October 17
Haunted Travels
October 31
Halloween Folklore from around the World

November 14
Haunted Ships and Battlefields
November 28
Solstices and Their Ancient Beliefs

December 5
Haunted locations to visit during the holidays
December 12
Christmas folklore throughout the world

January 9, 2021
New Year’s Folklore and Events that have occurred On /around the day
January 16
Unexplained Mysteries
January 23
Ancient Folklore and Beliefs surrounding Birthdays

January 30th
OBE, NDE, Astral Projection

February 13
Valentine Day Folklore and Beliefs, and events that have occurred on this day
February 27
Secret Societies
March 13
Religious Symbolism and Zodiac Connection

March 20
St. Patrick’s Day and other Irish Folklore
March 27
Ancient folklore and beliefs surrounding Easter

April 10
Power Spots, Portal, Star Gates and Pyramid Power

April 24
Lucid Dreaming, Premonitions and Dream Weaving

May 1
The World’s Most Haunted Forests

May 15
The World’s Most Haunted Tourist Destinations ( includes Castles, Hotels)

May 29
Triangles around the World

June 12
Ghosts ships around the world

June 26
Poltergeists and Psychokinesis

July 10
Witch folklore and beliefs of the Ancient World

July 24
The History of the Ancient Druids

August 7
Knights Templar in America

August 21
Sacrificial Practices & Ceremonies of The Ancients

September 4
Haunted and Cursed Islands around the World

September 18
Curses and Hexes ( people, locations and objects)

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Joe Montaldo
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